International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate and Level 9 Gymnast

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Abby Willis







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San Bernardino, CA

Contact Information

(909) 522-6127


About Abby...

Honestly, when I think about it, I really can’t remember a time when I wasn’t doing gymnastics. In fact I’ve probably spent more time in a gym than anywhere else. And while that’s likely the case for most competitive gymnasts, when your mom is the gym owner…living at the gym is just a way of life.


You see when I was three years old my mom made this crazy leap of faith and opened a gymnastics academy in our hometown. My older sister’s gym had gone out of business and rather than commute an hour away, my mom decided “why not”. She leased a building, bought equipment, hired a couple of coaches and voila’…Inland Empire Gymnastics Academy was born and my 15 year relationship with vault, bars, beam and floor began.


I think I originally did gymnastics because we “lived” at the gym and that’s what everyone else was doing. If you ask my mom, initially I just “played” at the sport. I had fun in classes during the week and on the weekends I watched my sister compete. And while my mom never pushed gymnastics on me, as I got older I just naturally followed in my sister’s footsteps and took the competitive path as well. While I certainly enjoyed gymnastics and the friendships I made through it, it really wasn’t until middle school and my sister leaving for college, that I truly began to claim this sport as my own and chart my own journey. Today, when I look back at how far I have come, I am honestly astounded. I never would have thought I’d be where I am, but knowing how far I have come makes me extremely excited for what might come next, and perhaps that will include collegiate gymnastics.


My life outside of the gym is primarily consumed by academics. I am an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Candidate at my high school and I work extremely hard to balance the demands of the classroom along with 20+ hours a week in the gym. While not an easy task, I am grateful for those non-gymnastics skills that this sport, my coaches and my gym have imparted to me. Discipline, a strong work ethic, organization, perseverance and excellent time management have thus far enable me to be successful in both worlds, and I know these attributes will continue to serve me well as I move from high school into college.


While there is not much time after the academics and gymnastics, I have been extremely fortunate this past three years to be involved in my school’s Best Buddies program. I absolutely love working with, and on behalf of, students at my school with intellectual, development and physical disabilities. Helping to build friendships between students with and without disabilities, as well as working to create an inclusive environment on our school campus, is so incredibly rewarding and I am grateful for the opportunity it gives me every week to invest myself in helping make a difference in other peoples lives.

What Abby's coaches have to say about her...

"Wise beyond her years; rich in commitment, work ethic, compassion, integrity and kindness, Abby is the type of gymnast any teammate would want and a true asset to any team and coach." - Coach Vicki Galeano

"When I think of 'student athlete' and my current teams, my first thought is Abby Willis.  While striving for, achieving, and maintaining perfection in the classroom, Abby also expects the same for herself inside the gym.  Abby also has the ability to remain supportive of her teammates in the face of her own tribulations, in and out of the gym." - Coach Robert Ito



Class of 2020 

Cajon High School • San Bernardino, CA

International Baccalaureate Diploma Candidate

Academic GPA: 4.93 

Cumulative GPA: 4.80 

Class Rank: 9/647

SAT Scores: English - 650 / Math - 530 


Academic Honors:

  • Academic Letter & 3 Academic Stars, Honor Roll

  • Honor Guard

  • MYP Personal Project - Highest Honors

  • IB 1st Year Pin

Letter of Recommendation - Jimmy Gondos,

International Baccalaureate English Teacher

School Leadership

Cajon High School • Best Buddies

2019-2020: President, Best Buddies Leadership Conference Delegate

2018-2019: Core Officer, Historian & Best Buddies Friendship Walk Chairman

2017-2018: Peer Buddy and Associate Officer

2016-2017: Peer Buddy





Best Buddies Outstanding Student Leader in the Inland Empire - 2018


Letter of Recommendation - Heather Lozano, Best Buddies Club Advisor/Special Education Teacher Cajon High School

Inland Empire Gymnastics Academy
San Bernardino, CA


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Coaches: Vicki Galeano and Robert Ito

Current Level: 9

Highest AA at Current Level: 35.275

Accomplishments, Awards & Recognition:

Club Contact Information

Inland Empire Gymnastics Academy

263 W. Orange Show Lane, San Bndo, CA 92408

(909) 383-6655 •

Letter of Recommendation - Vicki Galeano

Letter of Recommendation - Robert Ito


High Score 2018 - 9.60

High Score 2019 - 9.40

Current Skills:

  • Yurchenko Stretched

Skills Being Trained: 

  • Yurchenko Stretched 1/1 twist


High Score 2019 - 8.5 

Current Skills:

  • Free Hip to HS, Bail to Low Bar

  • Toe Shoot to HB

  • Double Back

  • Free Hip to HS, Bail to Low Bar

  • Toe Shoot to HB

  • Double Back

Skills Being Trained: 

  • Toe On Toe Off

  • Free Hip, Double Back

  • Blind

  • Giant 1/1


High Score 2018 - 8.4 

High Score 2019 - 8.525 

Current Skills:

  • Back HS, Back Tuck

  • Switch Leap, Straddle Jump

  • Switch Leap, Split Half

  • Back Tuck, Straddle Jump

  • Gainer Tuck off end dismount

Skills Being Trained: 

  • Side Aerial

  • Gainer Pike Dismount

  • Switch Leap, Switch Leap

  • Punch Front

  • Front Toss


High Score 2018 - 9.225

High Score 2019 - 9.025

Current Skills:

  • Front Layout, Front Layout

  • Back Layout 3/2 Punch Front

  • Front Full

  • Double Turn

  • Switch Leap, Switch Side, Popa

  • Double Back Tuck

Skills Being Trained: 

  • Front Layout, Front Layout 1/1

  • Front Layout, Rudi

  • Double Back Pike

  • Tour Jete 1/2

  • 2019 IEGA Eagle Award for Leadership, Dedication and Strength of Character

  • 2018 Level 9 Western Championships Alternate, Level 9 State Vault Champion,  and Dove Award for Constant Compassion, Support and Care of Teammates

  • 2017 IEGA Eagle Award for Leadership, Dedication and Strength of Character and Level 8 Regional Vault Champion


Community Involvement & Service

Member of the First Presbyterian Church of San Bernardino 

  • 2016 and 2019 Presbyterian Youth Triennium Delegate

  • Food Closet Ministry - Bagging and Distribution

  • Central City Lutheran Mission - Serving Meals to Homeless



San Bernardino Symphony Orchestra

  • Debs and Red Tie Guys


Glitter Girls Summer Art Camp Volunteer

  • One week, every July since Summer 2014


Letter of Recommendation - Rev. Dr. Sandy Tice

Other Interests



Travel Abroad

  • France, Austria and Italy (Summer 2010)

  • England and Scotland (Summer 2012)

  • Greece and Turkey (Summer 2014)

  • Ireland (Summer 2016)

  • Spain (Summer 2018)